Why Magento

Mafinsoft Solutions is an evangelist of MagentoCommerce shopping cart software particularly in Malaysia. We believe open source softwares such as Magento can help Small and Medium Enterprises reduce costs of starting their online business. Below is a comparison between Magento and paid shopping cart software in general.

Points Magento Paid Shopping Cart Software
Software Costs Software is FREE for download, modification and use. Upgrades are available almost on a monthly basis with new features and regular bug fixes. There are many third-party feature contributions as well. The software alone costs between RM 2000 and RM 3000 or USD 500 to USD 800. Some charge the same amount yearly where it comes with automatic upgrade of software, hosting, design templates and domain name.
Other Costs The cost of domain name, hosting, technical support, software training, web design and integration are generally the same for both Magento and paid shopping cart softwares. There is usually a renewal fee for domain name, hosting and technical support which can be lower than USD 200 a year.
Independence If your current provider is not doing a good job, you can always look for other experts in Magento since Magento has many experience developers and web hosters around the world. Even the team behind Magento will be able to assist you. Should your current software provider folds up or decided not to provide any more upgrades or support to the shopping cart you purchase, you are left stranded with no other experts can help you. The software you purchase will be obsolete and probably will not function well in the next few years.
Software Updates Free, frequent updates and releases. Updates can be done within a few clicks in Magento Admin Panel. When your shopping cart software is updated frequently, your online store is less susceptible to attacks. Magento has been releasing on a monthly basis so far. Updates, releases and security patches takes ages to be completed. Some companies charges for updates of their shopping cart softwares. Others do not bother to help existing customers to upgrade their shopping cart software leaving their online store open to security threats. When security holes are not patched, your customers’ data and sales information risk being stolen.
Security Bugs and security threats are found frequently by community members of Magento. A list of patched threats are published each time an upgrade is released. Most shopping cart software providers are reluctant to publish found security vulnerabilities in their software. Security threats are detected slower tha Magento’s community of users, developers and enthusiasts.
Bugs Magento has a large pool of users and independent developers around the world testing and using the software. Bugs are being found and fixed faster than most paid shopping cart software provider dare to claim. Varien, the company behind Magento, has a dedicated team of paid developers working on Magento including fixing of known bugs. Proprietary shopping cart softwares are usually tested within the company or by another company contracted for testing and auditing of the softwares. Naturally, bugs found and patched are a lot lesser. This also mean there are probably many more undetected bugs!