Request & Response URLs

Before activating your iPay88 account, kindly submit both your Magento online store’s Request and Respond URL to iPay88.

1. If your base URL configured in Magento is and using SSL, the URLs to be submitted to iPay88 technical team are as follows.
Request URL:
Response URL:

2. If your site does not have a valid SSL certificate, the following are the URLs.
Request URL:
Response URL:

Important – on Web Server Rewrites and Testing:
1. You will have to ensure “Web Server Rewrites” is enable for your store. In Magento Admin Panel,  go to System –> Configuration –> General –> Web –> Search Engine Optimization –> Use Web Server Rewrites –> Yes.

2. If “Web Server Rewrites” is not enable, your response URL will be
a) (non-SSL Site)
b) (SSL Site)

3. You may test both fail and successful transactions for each payment method before going live. Test transactions will not be reversed by iPay88.

4. Please take note that you will only see Error 404 page if you access the response page directly. You will only see the proper success or failure page if you perform a transaction through your gateway.

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