Constraints & Limitations


1. For each transaction, only the base currency and its corresponding amount is sent to iPay88 gateway regardless of the currency conversions set in Magento.

2. We highly recommend online sellers to use Magento’s Multiple Store feature to cater for each currency and target market. Magento’s Multiple Store feature only requires one installation of Magento which can support multiple store. This simply means you will have only one Admin Panel to manage all stores created within the Panel. Merchants who are not familiar with Magento are advised to seek professional assistance for such multiple store setup.

3. We are studying the possibility of submitting the appropriate currency to iPay88 after currency conversion. All software development has to be carefully thought of and designed as it is related to transactions and money.

4. Despite being indemnify by the OSL 3.0 license (clause 8), we try our utmost best to ensure the integrity of transaction through best practices recommended by Magento and proper testing and coding practices.